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TV in your head, if done correctly.
I don't understand why people hate reading. Its like TV in your head.
by Willow Collie June 17, 2011

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Known for manufacturing cars, being 100 degrees one day and then a blizzard the very next day, party stores, and of course Eminem.
Michigan is awesome.
by Willow Collie June 15, 2011

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A state that wishes it was Michigan.
Ohio totally wishes it was Michigan.
by Willow Collie June 15, 2011

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1. Ginger with a soul.

2. Beautiful singer of the band Florence and the Machine (Sometimes styled as Florence + The Machine) with an extraordinary voice. Her red hair is very pretty.
Person 1(Me):Have you heard of Florence Welch from the band Florence and The Machine?

Person 2:No...I bet she sucks...

Person 1(Me):**Facepalm** You people disappoint me.
by Willow Collie May 31, 2011

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