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The kind of guy who is really fun to be around but also an annoying little twat at the same time. Loves guys called Will and women called Tracey. Really good at English. Kinda weird though.
Person 1: Hey there’s Tracey and Will!
Person 2: No way!! I’ll call John Bromley, hopefully he won’t annoy me today.
by WillLloyd November 18, 2019

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An absolutely dreadful game where you run a stupid restaurant. It's boring, slow, and takes all of your money. Don't waste your time on it.
Person 1: I'm playing Food Street!
Person 2: I'd rather play Hay Day because Food Street sucks!!
by WillLloyd February 13, 2020

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A flawless, brilliant and entertaining game. It's superior to any other mobile game in every sense.
Person 1: Hay Day is the best! Food Street sucks!
by WillLloyd February 13, 2020

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