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ASB (an acronym for "Associated Student Bodies") is an adult furry comic book about a lion who gets involved into an unrealistic gay relationship. ASB is very popular among furs, since it's about love and, more important, life. It features adult content, but certainly isn't adult-centristic. Highly recommended for anyone, no matter what gender and orientation you are. It's just cool.
That Danny-lion from ASB is just cool! Give me more of him! :)
by Wildy February 08, 2005

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Cheetahs are pretty cool spotted furs, well, many of them are yiffy, no, YIFFY and CUTE :) Meeeeow!
Hey, Cy, seen that spotted kitten on the channel right 01:00? He's cute, don't you agree?
by Wildy February 27, 2005

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