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An emoji, looks like a new moon with a face.

Most known as 'Molester moon'
As used by Smosh, when if you spam this emoji three times, you will recieve a message from M🌚LESTER M🌚🌚N saying some emojis that say something about killing you (for example: πŸŸπŸ‘‚πŸ΄βž•πŸ•β¬†πŸ” = "Fry your ass and slice up cock") and that will end up happening in real life.
If you send it too much, molester moon will send "πŸ”œπŸŒš" and Molester Moon will end up coming to your house to try and molest you.

He says "I'm gonna molest you!" until he molests you.
by Wikkidvommit32 May 01, 2015

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1. (verb) 3rd person present: shitposts past tense: shitposted past participle: shitposted present participle: shitposting To make numerous social media or forum posts each of which involve a meme. See also: spam

2. (verb) To derail an online chat conversation with something unrelated and/or off-topic.

3. (noun) plural: shitposts Numerous social media or forum posts with a meme involved.

(noun) plural: shitposters A social media or forum user who posts no less than 400 unwanted memes daily on social media or forums.
This definition may be considered a shitpost because it was written by someone who sucks at literacy. Why the hell am I writing shitposts when I shouldn't even be writing?
by Wikkidvommit32 September 01, 2017

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What Mario Paint Composer users call rapid-fast tempo (usually over 2000) where people try to 'hack' the five-note limit or volume controls to have multiple volume control notes playing at the same time or more than 5 notes at the same time.

When you urinate at the speed of light so fast that your toilet explodes.

Fapping at least 100 times per second.
I'll need somebody to record a video for me (preferably today). It's only moderate dickspeed (just 2727) but I'd like somebody that can record good FPS.

Holy shit, I busted so hard for the loo, that I ended up dickspeeding in the toilet, my toilet fucking exploded afterwards.

*browsing gay FNAF porn* It's time to dickspeed.
by Wikkidvommit32 May 20, 2015

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PPAP pen pineapple apple pen, the original meme that didn't last a month before its death.
Dude: πŸ–ŠπŸπŸŽπŸ–Š
Me: stfu
by Wikkidvommit32 March 07, 2017

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Nazi symbol. Type it by holding alt and pressing 21328.
卐卐卐卐 卐
by Wikkidvommit32 May 01, 2015

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