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peckerwood or peckah wood is an afro american derogatory term for a poor white.Or redneck,honkie or cracker.
Look at that flat assed peckerwood bitch.
by wigger March 09, 2005

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Not a bad game, kinda fun, just filled with complete idiots(usually). A game that I find fun
Counter-Strike: shouldn't have a chat/voice feature.
by wigger September 03, 2003

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The politically correct way to call someone a wigger.
Political correctness is the indecorum of modern man.
by wigger April 22, 2005

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Osama Bin Laden
Osizzie Bin Lizzie is one sick mo' fo'!
by wIGGER October 16, 2003

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when a young black person attempts to act or portray, if you will, a caucasian person. see also uncle tom, or oreo.
"he walks around like a damn honky black"
by wigger October 07, 2003

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Codeine; in its purest state, codeine is purple.
Homie the clown: Man, Imoan get me a gatorade bottle of dat purple stuff.

Homie the clone: Shit, muthafucka, you ain't got the dough fo a forty, let alone dat purple shit.
by wigger August 21, 2003

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