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People named Gholston often have red hair and have the most annoying voices in the world. She often expects the best from people and when people don't meet her standards she turns into an utter bitch.
She is such a Gholston
by WhyRed December 11, 2019
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RJ is legit a hoe and jumps from relationship to relationship. He often forgets important things and is not someone you would want to date.
Rj is a man hoe
by WhyRed December 11, 2019
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A very competitive tomboy who tries her hardest at everything she does. She may be a little stubborn and tends to get in her feelings a lot be she's very nice and forgiving.
Girl 1: Oml that girl is such a tomboy
Girl 2: she must be a Unyti
by WhyRed October 29, 2019
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