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adjective: term meaning you are 'well known' or 'liked' by many such as friends associates or acquaintances. some confuse this definition as 'loved' and so on.... which is not really true if you had a half a brain to think with. sadly there are many out there who think being 'popular' is being loved or wanted in some material cover up way for their not yet classified emotional void(s) that is lacking with the ugly reality because at the end of the day, "popularity" does not win. Unless of course, you have the mentality of an highschooler and you want to become the next prom king or queen. This is my personal opinion so I will put whatever definition I damn well please.
Not all 'popular' ones think they are better than the not so 'popular' geeks,freeks,and so on but I can bet my life on it that when you are mature enough, you will see this popularity crap is not all it's hyped up to be. THAT IS, when and if you do mature.
Having great friends through the tears and laughter is a rare and beautiful thing though.
Popular Individual:I am popular because I am constantly up to date with all the latest fashions and you are not because you are POOR.
by Whutsthepoint February 03, 2009

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