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that one thing that rednecks have to use as masks bc they hunt and thats all that they have
*sOuRtHeN aCcEnT*
"imma put ma' neck gaiter on, ya'll"
"i don have a mask, i have a neck gaiter"
by Whigey89 October 13, 2020

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She is so ugly and annoying. She facetimes you and obsesses over your sister's chihuahua.
"Crap! Annabelle is calling me! Just don't answer because she's annoying."
by Whigey89 April 24, 2020

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Brindley is someone who will most likely make you laugh. She makes comments about people but somehow keeps her laughter in. She might be a little crazy, but you have to admit that she is pretty fun too.
"Oh, the new girl? That's Brindley."
by Whigey89 April 15, 2020

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