A game where a pair or group of people record themselves watching a series of clips intended to be funny, and the challenge is to not be the one to laugh first; the one who does loses. The said record of the challenges is then posted online for entertainment consumption of the mass. Also referred to as "try-not-to-laugh" challenge, the trend has gained popularity in the end of 2000s and 2010s in general and has been widely adapted by YouTubers who and YouTube channels, such as REPLAY, which has made a series of a batch of people dueling each other over new sets of clips for each episode. In this game, various definitions of "laugh" have come up, including grinning, smiling, smirking or chuckling.
In his latest YouTube video, PewDiePie says, "Today, I am having a laugh challenge with Jacksepticeye and the one who laughs first, loses.'
by BluberiJam May 7, 2021