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Home of the Westfield Blue Devils. The white people who live here are all upper middle class and will let you know that. Westfield High School is home to one of the best athletic programs in the state of New Jersey. They’ll definitely whoop your ass in tennis, swimming and golf. They’ll also most likely whoop your ass in football, soccer, baseball and lacrosse. If you live here, then you most likely played soccer and lacrosse at one point in your life so that’s why those to sports are pretty fucking good. During school you’ll see lots of people getting suspended for juuling in class and in the bathroom. There are some very smart kids in the school who end up being very successful in life, but there are also some kids who are fucking retarded and only get into college because of their parents money. Most Westfield high schoolers try to go as hard as possible on the weekends. If your not in the popular crowd, then you most likely won’t get invited to go to the ragers. Guys will do anything at parties to be noticed by the hot chicks. Everyone her wears either polo or vineyard vines. There are two sides to the town divided by the train tracks, the north and south side. The north side is considered the richer side even though both are filthy rich. The south side is considered the poorer side. And then there’s Cacciola (if your from Westfield then you know what I mean). So if you ever come to here just remember one thing, most people are fucking dicks, but there’s some nice people.
Tim: yo did you see that Westfield won again?
John: yeah of course they did, are you going to the after party?
Tim: I wasn’t invited, can you get me in?
John: no fuck you tim.
by Whatupbitches123 November 27, 2017

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What white girls from Westfield, New Jersey say after any of their sports teams win.
Jenna: Bestfield wins again!!
Sarah: Of course they did !!
by Whatupbitches123 November 25, 2017

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