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A tall guy that has long hair and typically wears dark clothes and boots. They try to walk around with a mean face with the hopes of intimidating people, however they only weigh about 130 pounds and and have no muscle due to heavy drug use and laziness.
The Fake Warrior tried to tell somebody at the bus stop off in a condescending way, but the short stocky guy whipped his ass.
by Wharfg October 16, 2013

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A Redneck G is a Southern hybrid of a half Country Boy, and half White Urban/Suburban Gangster. Most of these have become more comfortable dressing in baggy Hip Hop style clothes, however their ethics and values default to that of a good Country upbringing.
There are some things you can fade in Texas, but you can't fade a Redneck G you shitstick!!!
by WharfG December 08, 2015

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When a gay guy that has a lot of experience fagging out manipulates a heterosexual male into having gay sex. Usually the heterosexual at first says no, but the hardcore faggot insists until the heterosexual buckles and gets totally gay with the predator. The victim usually partakes in extreme, hardcore, deep gay sex.
After the gay guy and his heterosexual friend had several alcoholic drinks at the gay guy's house, the gay guy proceeded to induce faggotry on his drunk submissive friend.
by Wharfg November 07, 2013

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