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slang for the moment when an attractive person fully meets your attention and you begin to feel an affection for them. often known as "love at first sight", but it may occur at a time after the initial sight/meeting.
i hung out with a girl at a concert and later when we were eating, i looked at her and the thunderbolt hit me.
by Western Orlando August 14, 2005
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hip-hop slang: a term meaning that one is maintaining a consistently mid-to-high level of rugged behaviour/demeanor and/or illegal activity.
(man A confronts other man B)
"YO! Battle me, boi! Ya'll niggas ain't shit! I'm keepin it raw, dogs!"
(A pulls out strap)
by Western Orlando March 25, 2005
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ghetto slang for car theif a.k.a. car booster
them niggas is boostas, they jacked my whip yesterday.
by Western Orlando October 08, 2004
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ghetto slang for someone who is a gangster, and actually shoots guns at other people instead of just talking about it.
in canada, pagoda clique is a whole crew of bustas, real hard hittin' fools.
by Western Orlando October 08, 2004
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