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A horrible creature derived from a series of both male and female human reproductive organs. The main body consists of a large gaping vagina (which may or may not be soggy) surrounded in a large fleshy sack. Sexmonsters have uncannilly large arms. Two immense penises sprout from it's head and one drags between it's stubby yet muscular legs. The penises can become erect or flacid depending on it's mood. It feasts primarilly on babies doused in it's own semen (used for easier digestion).
Citizen A: "Oh my god it's the sexmonster!"
Citizen B: "Protect your children!"
Sexmonster: "GUBLAAARRGH!"
by Wesley Dale April 10, 2006

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A country (fictional or non-fictional) existing primarilly in the game of Risk. This country has no geographical placement, though it can attack any and all other countries.
"I'm attacking you in Kamchatka from Bundakistan."
"What the fuck?!"
by Wesley Dale April 10, 2006

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