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A term used in the Antique trade to describe a cheap metal alloy, usually zinc based. Often used to describe spelter figures and other ornamental items which were often copies of original bronze pieces.
It is only a cheap monkey metal copy of an original Lorenzl, Art Deco, bronze figurine.
by Welded Bliss December 29, 2007
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Spelter is an archaic term for zinc but is usually seen as an alloy, containing mainly zinc with variable proportions of other metals including tin, lead and copper.

Probably first used as a brazing metal to weld other pieces with higher melting points...It was discovered to be a quick and easy casting metal which could be used to reproduce many items from a mould.

Much used in the 19th and early 20th century - mainly figurines and figural groups.
Some very large sculptural pieces were made but more usually, decorative house ware.
Often used as a cheaper alternative to bronze or to copy bronze pieces. See Monkey Metal
What am I bid for this rare spelter Art Deco figural group of an elegant lady with a pair of tigers on a leash.
by Welded Bliss December 29, 2007
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