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a mythical creature that has the fore of an avian, the hind of a mammal, four legs, a beak, usually is winged, and may have a the tail of a serpant and/or the ears of a wild donkey.

most commonly, it is half bird of prey and half lion, altho such variations as half raven half wolf gryphons have been seen as well as gryphons with the hindquarters of a horse (also called hippogryphs/hippogriffs).

the senmurv is a being that combines mamalian and avian that is similar to a gryphon, but unlike a gryphon the forehalf is canine, the hind end is avian, and it only has two legs.
the gryphon is a noble beast of myth.
by weazul January 04, 2004
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Your Own World Syndrome - A common disorder that affects many humans in many different places and at many different times. This disorder causes said humans to think that they are the only person in the world at that place and time or that they are invisible to all those around them and thus free from any and all observations, judgments and or consequences of their behavior. Most frequently, when this disorder flares up, it causes people to do things they normally wouldn’t do if they realized they weren’t, actually, in, “Their own private little world.” The witnessing of this syndromes manifestations generally causes feelings of awkwardness and or embarrassment for all the parties involved.
In the car to the right you see a cute, mid 20's, little white girl getting down to Juvenile’s “Back That Thang Up.” Her eyes are closed, her arms are waving around in the air like she is working for tips at the local strip joint and her car is rocking back and forth because you know she must be shaking her little booty to the beat as well. You have no choice but to start laughing. You almost can’t look away as you watch this girl just get crunk like nobody is around. You realize that this is a manifestation of the Y.O.W.S. you have heard so much about. You find yourself laughing and saying out loud, “Wow, get down with your bad self girl!” And you even think she’s a cutie. As you’re watching her and enjoying the benefits of the Y.O.W.S., something goes terribly wrong, she looks over at you.. Awkward. Hopefully you catch her eye and both smile but sadly, more often then not, your joy and amusement becomes her awkwardness and you can’t help but feel a little regret and awkward for having interrupted her world.
by Weazul February 05, 2009
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A disorder that affects a select few. It is cause by a lack of protein, found only in Filet Mignon, in the brain. Those who suffer from this disorder can see a decrease in productivity if a suitable amount of Filet Mignon is not ingested.

Side effects may include a level of grumpiness, shortened temper, and boisterousness.
The office ordered lunch for all employees, but failed to account for John's Filet Mignonitis. The office suffered greatly for this over-site.
by Weazul March 28, 2013
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One Life One Chance. A less douchebag way of saying YOLO.
You gotta try this!! OLOC!
by Weazul September 25, 2015
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