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A really cool brightly painted and gnarly looking mega turbocharged (and optimized)vehicle with all sorts of bells and whistles, cute buttons, icons on the dashboard, and a talking interface like the Knight Rider car used exclusively for riding on the information highway.

It has a top speed of 5 MPH and has shiny plastic training wheels.

New and improved training wheels arrive in the mail about every two weeks.
I can't get out of the yard because my AOL training wheels break off when they hit the pavement.
by wattsup January 03, 2005
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The heating oven now at Subway Sandwich Shops which provides "toasty" equivalence due to marketing pressure from Quizno's Sandwich Shops.
Subway employee: "Sir, would you like that sandwich TOASTED?"
You: "You mean, do I want you to put it in the Quiznotron?"
Subway employee: "The WHAT?"
You: "The QUIZNOTRON...ya know, that wannabe toaster oven you have?"
Subway employee: "yeah, ...that"
by Wattsup September 10, 2005
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A person whom flies toward any collection of reporters in an attempt to bring their personal issues to light on slow news days. Pest sprays only encourage them, and often draws other media moths to the infestation. Media Moths usually do something outrageous or unusual to draw attention then perform a slow spiral of self inflicted damage until their flame is extinguished by the scrutiny of people with common sense, or by a bigger news story.
Whoa, that media moth flamed out when the newshounds started chasing another story.

see Cindy Sheehan
by wattsup August 23, 2005
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