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A state in the U.S.A. Home to The Misfits, Bruce Springsteen and My Chemical Romance. Just like most other cities. Has it's fair share of crime but hey, where doesn't? The American version of Manchester (definition also provided for Manchester).
'So, where you from?'
'Channel Islands?'
'Nah, New Jersey.'
'Ahh cool. What you want for lunch?'
by WatchingAmerica December 06, 2006
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City in the North-West of England, not the middle areas...that's the Home Counties and Midlands.
Manchester: Wet, busy. The entire place is known as Greater Manchester. Smaller cities are located in G.M. such as Oldham, Salford, Sale etc.
More boring than London but the drivers are better and safer, i.e. they stop.
Got some really cool concert venues (M.E.N. Arena, Manchester Apollo, Manchester Academy.)
People from Manchester are called Mancunians.
Possibly the biggest town in the North.
Often known as the New Jersey of England (by me).
Manchester is a really big city where foreigners often get lost. Public transport is both unreliable and crap.
by WatchingAmerica December 06, 2006
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