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To hinder, by whatever means, the chances of another male from talking to a female you are interested in.
Mark was talk blocking me because he though he had a chance with that girl.
by Wason Jertz November 17, 2008
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A heterosexual male that is generally open with his feelings and is most commonly observed in women.
My friend was metroemotional while he whined about a girl he liked who was with another guy.
by Wason Jertz October 18, 2008
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You put your emotions in. You take your emotions out. You put your emotions in and they get shaken all about. You do the emotional hokey pokey and you're left down and out. That's why you're sad not glad.
Mark decided that he should express his feelings to a girl he liked and in doing so she made him do the emotional hokey pokey and it left him mad and confused.
by Wason Jertz October 19, 2008
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