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They are texting each other..
He: Where do you want to meet?
She: At a graveyard...
He: What..? Why graveyard..?
She: Because I'm dying to see you, Jin..

Where? 🦦 February 17, 2022
by Wanderlust® April 20, 2023
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In my dream, I was sick - my monthly cycle began. I got up & went shower. After the shower, I realized I lost my phone & my diary. I tried to look for them. I then entered to a basement where it was icy-cold. I found an exist & got out of the building (apparently I was not at my house in my dream).

Once I got out, I saw forest. I saw people frightened abt sth. They said they've seen strange animal. I looked around & saw anaconda(s) that have the same colors & patterns as military clothes. I then saw a group of military crews were trying to show people techniques to conquer dangerous situations such as "snake-attack" & so on. I learned by observing it. Someone gave me a phone that doesn't have sim-card. I left, trying to find my way back home. There was a snake on the side of a road trying to approach me. I used the technique I learn. That snake thought it was a bird and started eating grains instead of eating me.. : )
I ran way. I found a dead man in a truck along the way. I looked, then kept running. I got back to the building, couldn't find the elevator that led me to the highest floor (where I believe my family was). Finally, I found my way through that puzzle/maze. I entered the elevator & I saw number 22. I sat down, wrapped my arms around my legs and cried. I hope I would find my family there. I got out, calling their names loudly.
"We are here"

I said, "I was about to message you on Twitter"
She replied, "Why Twitter? By the way, your phone & diary are here."
I woke up from a strange dream 1
🦦 February 06, 2022
by Wanderlust® April 20, 2023
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Her: Can you eat tomatoes with me?
Him: I don't like tomatoes..
Her: Oh.. I'm sorry.. I bought a lot of tomatoes for you. :(
Him: It's okay you didn't know.
Her: If it's okay, then you'll eat with me right..? :)

Him: I don't like tomatoes.. It tastes weird. It smells strange.
Her: But you will eat with me right? :)
Him: Are you like this in real life..? Stubborn?
Her: I don't know but you'll eat with me..right? :)
Him: ...
Her: Right..? Please..
Him: Alright. Put one in my mouth. Just one.
Her: I don't like odd numbers so I'll give you two.. :)
Him: Just one..
Her: I will give you two Tomatoes. Now, open your mouth.. Eat with me :( I always buy a lot of food but I lately lose weight because I don't have appetite to eat.. I've been stressed out a lot lately. So, eat with me.

🦦 February 10, 2022
by Wanderlust® April 20, 2023
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Natsukashii is a Japanese word used when something evokes a fond memory from your past. It's when you feel nostalgic.
Natsukashii. Have you ever?
by Wanderlust ® November 05, 2021
by Wanderlust® April 19, 2023
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Birds return
Spring is near
And tears are all I got
Forget not
Springtime is around the corner
by Wanderlust ® March 08, 2022
by Wanderlust® April 19, 2023
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Dear my Twin,

I want a little baby boy who is like you.. wondering what kind of big things/inventions he will do/invent in life..
Your twinkle twinkle little star
Or a twinkies that fills your tummy 😂
by Wanderlust® January 9, 2023
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It's is when you cannot freely go after what your soul is longing for. It's when you completely want the absolute best for that person and you realize you are not the best, far less than perfect in everything. It's when you want to be so loved but you are afraid of receiving it because of some complications. It's when you are afraid of opening up your heart because you don't know if this person is going to break your heart like the other.
I feel bitter when I can't freely go after what I want.
Bitterness by Wanderlust ® November 02, 2021
by Wanderlust® April 19, 2023
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