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That person/persons who remind you to look at your situation in a different light by comparing it with the situation of themselves or others.They usually spring into action when you are feeling sorry for yourself or you think things are going badly for you.
Guy 1- "Holy crap it's hot out here! It must be at least 90!"

Guy 2 - "Time to call the Perspective Police. It could be worse man, at least you're not stuck in the deserts of Iraq like Joe."
by Wandering in the Desert July 13, 2011

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what you are when you have made a significant mistake and/or error in judgement and gotten caught doing so and are about to pay the price. The "beast" can be your boss, girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, a judge, or a competitor,pretty much anybody really.
Guy 1: "The cop saw me pissing out the window of her car and now I'm being brought up on indecent exposure, public intoxication, and drunken and disorderly charges. That's like $2,000 in fines!"

Guy 2: "Dude, you are meat for the beast."
by Wandering in the Desert July 05, 2011

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