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Any particular time of the day. Any time some person may ask for the time.
Chase- Hey, do you know what time it is?

by Waltz Fitzgerald, Esquire December 09, 2004
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The armpit (or toilet) of California. There is nothing )within a 2 hour drive) to do. AT ALL. The people are generaly not attractive, and worse than that, they are snobby! Ugly AND snobby! 99% of thoes who are not snobby are stupid. (.5% of the population are normal people)We have frequent drive-bys and car thefts. We have recently aquired about 5000 -=AzN=- (the dirty ones, (vietnam, laos, phillipians, ect...) not 'white' Asians from Japan or China)refugies and COUNTLESS mexicans. The dirty kind mind you, not the ones that act like human beings. They multiply like rats. Anyway, there is something to be said for our cutural diversity... go to one part of town and you are in vietnam! And only 10 minutes away is little Mexico! (That was heavy scarcasm for thoes of you who dont understand it) The weather is HOT in the summer (100+)and cold in the winter. Not cold enough to snow, (that would be nice) but cold enough to make you miserable. Dark clouds, wind, ect... Miserable. Utterly miserable. It has the worst Air quality in the U.S. (Thank you San Fransisco) Its like we're smoking all the time. Miserable place.
Man 1: Fuck you!
Man 2: Go to Fresno!
Man 1: *runs away crying*
by Waltz Fitzgerald, Esquire December 09, 2004
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