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2 definitions by Walro509

Based off Disney's character, Pumbaa is used to describe the "big" one in a group of girls who typically cockblocks guys from the prettier girls in the group. Pumbaas exist because they do not get any love and thus prevent every other girl in their group from getting love as well.
Man did you see the pumbaa swoop in and grab her girl away from me?

Man that pumbaa was real nasty, I think she even had tusks on her.
by Walro509 November 29, 2010
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A term in the Bay area that references the local football team (SF 49ers), except it applies to girls who think and act like they are 9s but in reality are just 4s.
Yo man peep that 49er over there, she think she all that but she is a whack!
by Walro509 May 5, 2011
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