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Getting a good thorough handjob. Specifically can be used to indicate when a girl loves your cock and balls so much that she has a great time playing with them, jerking you off, pulling, proding, wanting to make you cum.

Usually requested by the girlfriend when she wants to please you, or when she can't have sex cause she's on the rag.
Her: "I want play time"
Me: "Niiiiice... Let's go..."
by Walleye June 28, 2007
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When a girl is giving you head and your nut sack slaps her chin, nose or cheek (depending on position), usually after a most-aggressive head bobbing.
Mary gave me a bj last night and she went down so hard she got a sack slap from me also.
by Walleye May 25, 2007
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The second worse place to live in America. Full of people who think they are better than everyone and who flee their hometowns for greener (drier) pastures.
Phoenix, AZ is for pussies.
by Walleye November 06, 2007
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