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I live in louisiana so obviously my definition is accurate seeing as how i know many 'hicks'.
The crude term hick is for an uneducated (or not properly educated) person who in result mispronounces words and is not very smart it is true that there are people in southern states that live this way but it is a common misconception that everyone in louisiana is a hick also people do not eat roadkill and possom pie these are terms, nick names, for certain types of food and many people eat food that has been in there family for generations, cornbread, red beans and rice, people living in the southern states and rural areas do no have sex with there siblings or relatives therefore with this definition now added i hope that people instead of ranking themselves highly over people like that they should take a second look and rank themselves lower you never hear about a 'hick' writing unkind and untrue definition of people just because of the place they live, their income, or the type of food available for them to eat so next time your make a redneck joke consider this if you had to hunt and kill most of your food to survive you wouldn't be making fun of other people in that situation
Jack is such a hick i can't understand anything he says.
by Wacky July 12, 2004

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