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The closest you can get to fucking while wearing clothes.

Supposedly wholesome school-sponsored events usually featuring a "DJ" who does little more than play unedited Top 40 songs . Parents fuss over their "Little men" or "Young ladies", taking an interest in snapping photos and pretending like this year's Homecoming will include intelligent discussion and sophisticated dancing. In reality, this could not be further from the truth.

Even the most heavily chaperoned of high school dances degenerate into grind fests and other acts of douchebaggery including but not limited to; lesbian grind trains, grinding, mosh pits, premature ejaculation, awkward not-dancing, oral sex, condom inflating, drug usage, and abuse of the mechanic "sloppy seconds". Just about anything is possible during one of these "dances" except for cultured, legit dancing.

High school dances occur on a dance floor or, more colloquially, a "grind floor". These floors range from appropriately sized to "holy shit, it's hot in here and I can't move". The more extroverted and/or horny students congregate in the center while those who are more conservative in nature and/or antisocial will flock to the outer ring.

Those enthusiastic for the dance will book appointments in order to become more attractive. Others may simply shower and throw on their suit from band or another prior engagement that required formal attire. It is entirely possible to pick up a date the night of the dance.
A student before a High School Dance
"I don't know why my mom makes a such big deal about this, me and Katie are just going to fuck in expensive clothes."

Or in the words of television program The Hard Times of RJ Berger
"The school dance is a scorgy!" Miles
"A scorgy?" RJ
"A school sponsored orgy!" Miles
by VinnySal July 29, 2011

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A school where you major in partying and minor in your major.

Colleges or universities known for, among other things, their particularly awesome parties or ragers.
Ways to tell you're attending a party school:
Awaking in pants made of a foreign material
Actually seeing a funnel
Wine in a box
Hooking up with someone out of your league
Your mascot is a Spartan or Alligator or Bulldog
Your could've sworn you were supposed to get your diploma in Business Administration, not "Contemporary Partying".
by VinnySal July 30, 2011

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