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An expression to describe the utmost glee and excitement. Combining the words "woot" and "Hootenanny" it describes a mini celebration revolving around the emotions associated with the word "woot".
"Hey, you've just won the lottery, and a car, and a house, and a boat, and a small country... and the moon..."

by Villmot January 31, 2010
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The process of engaging in material which one finds sexually titivating, before a night out, in order to increase your chances of being sexually proficient by way of boosting your sexual desire.
Hey Larry, why is there a copy of Underwear Bimonthly on your bed?

Well Charles, I thought a slight bit of "pregash" was in order before our night on the tiles.

This is why I love you Larry.
by Villmot March 05, 2011
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