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A commonly used abbreviation for Big Bad Wolf
The three little piggies lived in constant fear of being eaten by BBW's. "Why must our flesh be so fucking tasty?" they cried.
by VillageTwittiot November 21, 2013

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An individual who is actually egocentric and arrogant enough to believe that they can disprove god's existence. They harbor intense hatred and resentment for all religious organizations. But reserve most of their bile for any Christian who would dare to publicly espouse his beliefs. And so begins the crusade for justice and reason. Someone has to reach out to these ignorant believers. To open their eyes to how meaningless life really is.

However, due to the fact that EA have very little social skills, and even less testicles; engaging a believer in face to face debate is generally not possible. It would require them to venture out of their parents basement into the sunlight to talk to someone who might make them question their own beliefs and motivations. Therefore they take the fight to the web. Where they far outnumber the faithful who generally have jobs, families and lives.

Often lifelong singles (marriage is a religious institution and requires a willing partner) males of the species masturbate bitterly to humiliation porn. Because feeling dirty inside is better than feeling nothing. While the females turn to collecting cats and plastering their car with Darwin stickers in the mistaken belief that people read them. Not to be confused with the less common atheist. Who simply doesn't believe in god and does not give a fuck what anyone else thinks. Entirely separate genus from the agnostic who are secure enough in their own self worth to admit they don't know.
The atheist laughed and shot a bird as he drove past the "Pro-life" rally at the abortion clinic. Then forgot about it five minutes later. The evangelical atheist honked his horn, shot a bird, shouted obscenities and spent 3 hours fantasizing about going back and running them all down. But lacked the requisite testicles to actually do so.
by VillageTwittiot November 24, 2013

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