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In mechanics, to run the engine in too high a gear for current road speed; shifting too early.

If you lug the engine too frequently, you can cause premature bearing wear and failure.
by Viff April 25, 2008

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One of the most difficult enemies in the game World of Warcraft by Blizzard, typically requiring a raid of 20+ level 70 players to take down.
Our guild tried to take on Hogger, but our tank wasn't able to keep aggro so we wiped.
by Viff February 27, 2008

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A line of hot sauce that is extremely intense (Some examples include "Beyond Insanity" and "Ground Zero"). Not to be taken lightly, only for fiery food enthusiasts.
A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Da Bomb hot sauce. I can eat Serrano Chilies like candy and this sauce still managed to make me dive for the milk.
by Viff March 28, 2008

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