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When a nicely dressed person is walking down the street during or after a snowstorm and a person with a snow blower walks by them and blasts them with a powerful surge of snow.
"I was all dressed up and headed for my meeting downtown when some dude came out of no where and totally Snow Bombed me!"
by Video Brooke January 07, 2010
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Noun. A professional cancer victim. Someone who constantly reminds people that they had cancer, no matter how irrelevant it is to the topic/chore at hand or how long ago the cancer struck.
John: Hey, are you caught up on that billing for the last quarter?
Procanvic: I haven't gotten to it yet. You know I had cancer, don't you?


Jane: I love to go to the beach with my friends.
Procanvic: Back when I was undergoing chemo I couldn't stay out in the sun very long.
by Video Brooke October 29, 2009
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