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A square jaw as hard as granite, that can cut you just by looking at it. Gorgeous hair and built like Tarzan, this is a gentle beast of a man. Clark is the guy who turned down Dos Equis when they wanted to have him be their spokesman for the most interesting man in the world. While his looks are outstanding, they are only out done by his brains. Sharp as a razor blade, and quick as a whip, you do not want to challenge this fellow to a game of words with friends. Unless you like to lose, a lot. This is the type of guy who will arm wrestle a biker and win, and then turn around and sing a lullaby to a baby to put them to sleep. He's the perfect man, wrapped in the perfect man.
Dude, you just won the nobel peace prize, found the cure for cancer and delivered a baby, you are so Clark.
by Verb Ninja December 11, 2012

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Study of crafting, storing and eating of carblicious bread.
I have made so much bread, I have my PhD in Breadology.
by Verb Ninja April 06, 2013

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Two obese specimens of the human race attempting to copulate (have sex). Often hard to recognize in the wild, as identifying body parts under the massive amount of sweaty rolls is very difficult.
Yo, Fat Bastard and Rosanne Barr are having blimp sex.
by Verb Ninja December 11, 2012

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Cold that makes you feel so sick and tired, you think you have aids.
Damn, I'm so sick and tired, I must have caids.
by Verb Ninja December 13, 2012

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