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Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. A very long time indeed. It will never, ever end. Think about it! It will just keep going on and on and will never stop. No breaks, no turns, no slowing down. You just keep going, man. It doesn't matter if you're sick or what, you're going full speed down that highway FOREVER. So remember to stock up on plenty of CD's and Snickers candy bars, because you're in for one heck of a ride. =3
THINK, before you promise someone a 'forever'... seriously.
by Venus06 February 08, 2009

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Emma 'Baby Spice' Bunton, a former member of the British pop girl group the Spice Girls, was born in January 21, 1976. She was nicknamed 'Baby' because she was the youngest member (18yrs at the time), she wore her blonde hair in pigtails, dressed in baby doll dresses, wore pink often, had the softest voice, had an innocent smile, and was super girly.

After the Spice Girls broke up, Emma continued her musical career solo, and even got into a little acting, and dancing as well. She currently has a son, Beau Lee, with her boyfriend of ten years, Jade Jones.
In my opinion, Emma was the best Spice Girl. (:

Go Baby Spice! Girl Power!
by Venus06 February 08, 2009

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A refreshingly delicious lemon-lime soda pop, created by the Coca Cola Company. It contains low sodium, and no caffeine.

Sprite has given all of us picky eaters a pure, great taste to enjoy.
There's nothing quite like popping open a can of Sprite at 3AM in the morning. (:
Sprite is the best drink in the entire world.
by Venus06 February 08, 2009

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