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A disparaging term used to describe a Caucasian person that mimics ghetto and urban vernacular. More commonly used to describe those Caucasians whose only contact with popular urban culture is the entertainment media. A poseur.
The wigger thought all the black kids at school would be his friend because his mother bought him the latest pair of Jordans.
by Venessa Nina December 26, 2002

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Urban Slang, particularly in Westbury High School. Being cool, awesome, spectacular, sweet, hot, wicked.
I just bought me the new Jordans. Son, these shits is butter.
by Venessa Nina December 26, 2002

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1. A term used to describe a person that attempts to combine both the styles of A) goth and B) raver. Both styles being ridiculous you could see how this paring can prove to be disastrous. Gravers are usually self described as "creative".

2. Really shitty music. See: Graver's Paradise
If you're ever at Union Square you can see all the gravers sparring off by the George Washington Statue. I don't know which are worse: the bums, the junkies or the gravers.
by Venessa Nina April 14, 2006

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