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A McDonald's location where drug addicts congregate, or where drug deals are known to happen.
Crackdonalds right across the lot bro. Old boy almost got shanked comin' outta there yesterday.
by VegasJD December 12, 2016

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General statement to describe Crackhead, Meth Head, Dopehead, Cokehead, or anyone with visible signs of being a drug addict.
Dude, look off to your left over by the liquor store, there's a Head hitting people up for cash.

Look at those two Heads. They're high as a fucking kite bro.
by VegasJD December 15, 2016

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Large Tow Truck. The really big on that tows Big Rigs. Also referring to the vehicle used by the Military to haul Main Battle Tanks on flatbed trailers, which is where the term originated.
It’s gonna take a Draggin Wagon to get that guy out of here.
by VegasJD March 12, 2019

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Oh Shit Bag. An emergency bag you keep in the back of your ride in case you end up in an emergency. Usually has roadside items, and a day’s worth of food, water, First Aid, and any other emergency you could face day to day. Pretty much a bag for when shit happens. Hence the “Oh Shit” part.
This is my OSB. I don’t touch it unless I absolutely need it.
by VegasJD January 23, 2019

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The sixth sense of a Crackhead, often used when trying to avoid getting busted while using their drug of choice, or busted while stealing to support the habit. Often used to detect nearby cops or security. In short, a paranoid crackhead.
Keep your distance bro. Old boy got some Cracky Sense going on.
by VegasJD December 15, 2016

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