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a social acceptance morph (SAM) is a person with a servile need to be liked. This person has a fluid personality that changes depending on the social situation or whom they are with. Social acceptance morphs are the people usually described as "nice" or "sweet," and they are often the most popular people in any given situation. Upon meeting a SAM, you will feel as if you have met your new best friend--someone who shares all your same interests and laughs at all your jokes. For this reason, a SAM has many infatuated admirers and people who think they are really good friends. Unfortunately, these interactions are not authentic. In most cases, a SAM has very few real friends. It is the tragic circumstance of a SAM that s/he, because of the constant need to please and morph to suit those around, has no real idea who s/he is.
Actually, Bob really has no interest in rock climbing, he's just a SAM.

Honestly, the only reason Olivia laughed at your joke and said studying sociology was fascinating is because she is a social acceptance morph.
by vedaslade April 03, 2010

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a certain variety of young white person who hangs out at bars often named "Bulldog" or "Bulldog's" or some similar variation. A Bulldog douche invariably presents a bland fa├žade and a distinct lack of curiosity about anyone even slightly dissimilar to him-or-herself. The Bulldog douche is for the most part humorless, except when participating in the jocular restating of inside jokes. For Bulldog douches, people of another age, race, or socio-economic class are invisible, except when they are participating in social justice projects, which they do with much passion and self-righteousness. The Bulldog douche has a very bright future, and the glare coming off it can obscure almost anything a Bulldog douche does not, or cannot, see.
There's no way in hell I am going out with you to The Bulldog and hanging out with all those Bulldog douches!
by vedaslade March 24, 2010

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adj. having a irrepressible sexual hunger; a deep craving and wild desire that manifests in a seemingly jittery disposition and a tendency to put anything that ends up in one's hand into one's mouth; strongly and eagerly desirous.
I was terrifically jungsy before we got together, and playing board games all night did nothing to sate it.

That dude's description of his masturbatory routine has gotten me extremely jungsy!

I'm sure I could stop putting things in my mouth if I weren't so jungsy--as it is, I'm sorry about what I've done to your pen and intricately painted miniatures.
by VedaSlade June 21, 2010

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