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A Haroon is a maker of "phat beetz" most notably of the Trance variety. Haroons tend to hang out with people who are "OneUp" above the rest and like to play Final Fantasy all day long.

Haroon's like warm climates and are known to raise the temperature by at most 10 degrees (F) when they walk outside.
Haroon is hot (in reference to the fact that most Haroon's live in hot climates, their hotness makes their surroundings hot)
by Variable Rush November 03, 2004

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Strap On When It Seems Approprite, slang term from Stephen King's latest novel, Lisey's Story. It means to "take charge" of a situation.
Gerd Allen Cole was aiming the gun at Scott's chest, that's when I realized I was holding a shovel and sowisa'd myself enough to smack the bastard in the head.
by Variable Rush August 28, 2007

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This is a form of Metaknight. It hangs out with people who are "OneUp" above the rest. Most often characterized as being what is referred to as a "post whore" among the community in which it lives.

Most varieties heart homebaked goodness.
Damn, he's such an Ybrik
by Variable Rush November 05, 2004

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Noun. Invincible person of great prestige. Can take damage and come out nearly unscathed. He is one bad momma-jamma and often rides pimp style in his Kuribo's Shoe. His name is dope, his chicks are fly, and you better hit the ground when his knuckles float like a butterfly and sting like a trout.

Cheese is his ambrosia. Caffeine, his nectar.

He is cognizant of those he relates with and always takes into account their views on even the most trivial matters. He never exacerbates things. He is Lunchbox. Fear the Lunchbox. Be one with the Lunchbox. Just BE the Lunchbox.

Lunchboxes often like to ride on their barstool of love, though they sometimes take the train.

They like to dance all about and put their big toe in your mouth while you scream and shout and threaten to "poke out your innards with a spatula" if you spread rabies in Church one day.

This shouldn't mean that you should fear the Lunchbox. By all means, no. You should befriend a Lunchbox today because they have nachos and everyone knows that the Nacho People will rule the world of Salsa. With their leader, Enchilada by their side, the Lunchboxes will enslave humanity.

Will you be a part of their enslaved or will you be dead? Actually, the best answer is "to be a Lunchbox" but not all are worthy of such a title.
Oh shit dude, a car fell on this guy and fell in some lava, all while his dope rapping skills saved his ass from a drive-by. He is the Lunchbox.
by Variable Rush March 25, 2005

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