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The most efficient way of consuming substances found in herbs by avoiding combustion and the various health risks that are accustomed to smoke. Cannabis vaporized is proven to deliver most of the active ingredients found in the plant (cannabinoids, flavinoids, etc) while avoiding the majority of tar, carcinogens and unwanted chemicals. The vaporizer does this by heating the herbal blend up with heat by using hot air (convection), a safe metal heating plate (conduction), or sometimes both. The extracted cannabinoids turn into a mist (or vapor), and is less irritating to the lungs, therefore reducing coughing and allowing you to inhale larger hits. Since THC can be destroyed by combustion, the total % of THC inhaled per hit is much more than smoking, therefore reducing the amount of herb used for desired effect; in the long run saving you money. By using heat right under the threshold of combustion, many chemicals found in smoke is not present in vapor. The temperatures used are from 314.6 F - 400+ F. When a vaporizer is first used, it tends to become the preferred method consumption, producing a positive, very cerebral head high. Many of the couch lock effects from smoking will be left behind, leaving you to want to get up and do something like socialize or get tasks done, instead of being a lazy couch potato. The biggest change people notice from making the switch to vaping is a HUGE reduction in phelgm, and the dreaded Smokers Cough goes away.
Your Lungs: Please help... All those joints, pipes and bongs rips are really starting to take a toll on my breathing functions. The carbon monoxide, tar and cancer causing chemicals are rapidly destroying me! Whether or not cannabinoids help reduce risks of cancer, they don't help prevent many other respiratory diseases that likely WILL eventually develop if something is not changed.
Your Brain: My lungs are right.. they have taken enough abuse, I think its time to switch to something safer and proven to prevent those diseases, im speaking of course, of vaporization. Time to save my money and my body from these terrible unwanted chemicals by using a vaporizer.
Your Lungs: Thank you! I will forever be grateful and show my appreciation by staying disease and phlegm free for the rest of your long, happy, green-indulging life.
by VapirN02isDOPE January 08, 2012
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