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If you split up the word you find the words Fag, You, Are which if you put what before it you get what a fag you are.
Oh Jamie, what a Faguar.
by Vai_boy July 30, 2004
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harshXcore was defined one day when a certain child called me a cunt therefore i shouted out THATS HARSH then thinking of the new Xcore craze i though harsh..........Xcore..........harshXcoretherefore leaving the legendary saying to it's rightful place. remember: if anybody comes up to you and calls you something offencive but funny just reply harshXcore.
Woody: harshXcore

Woody: Chris you lanky fuck
Chris: harshXcore

Most important advice of all harshXcore is not associated with anything to do with emo crap.
by vai_boy September 04, 2004
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