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Only the sickest day of the year which takes place every year on March 11 (3/11). This day commemorates the greatness of the band 311. On this day, people who love this band usually have a huge party, smoke tons of marijuana and have a fucking ill time while listening to their music.
Bato 1: Yo man, guess what this Saturday is!!
Bato 2: Hmm, I dunno what could it be?
Bato 1: Its 311 Day!!!!
Bato 2: Yo holy fuck, lets celebrate.
-I'll bring my bong, some beer, and some chicks.
by V-Po March 05, 2006

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a new kind of razor, made by Gillette, that is extremely pointless. It consists of not 1, not 2, but 5 blades! It has such a precise cut, i mean incision, in one's face that it will even make the ass of an elephant bare.
Damn mother fucking Gillette Fusion, that shit is so strong that the doctor had to sew 4 stitches in my fucking cheek! Fuckin' ay!
by V-Po February 15, 2006

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when someone sucks some fat bitch's tittys.
Guy1: Holy fuckballs! Rob is milking the cow!
Guy2: Haha no silly, he is just having fun with Mary.
by V-Po January 09, 2006

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