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(noun) - a person who accepts the political narrative of the day unquestionably; consumes mainstream media like it was 1980; and is prone to submissiveness, outbursts of irrational fear, and public shaming of free-thinkers.
Dan and Scott are complicity theorists that believe State sanctioned censorship of free speech and protest are for the utilitarian greater good.

My mother is an avid complicity theorist who believes everything reported on main stream media and in government press conferences, without question.

Richard and Perle were operatives who used the Deep State apparatus to subliminally and insidiously control the minds of the unassuming general population through main stream media disinformation; complicity theorists soon became the societal norm.

Antonym: Conspiracy Theorist

Origin of Complicity Theorist: First recorded 2020 (Melbourne, Victoria - Australia)
by UtterSpace September 9, 2020
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(noun) - a theory that unquestionably accepts the standard explanation for an event offered by the political, religious, social or economic apparatus of the time or the main stream media.

A belief that a particular unexplained event or action was caused by organically systemic or natural phenomena, despite evidence to the contrary, pointing to socio-economic, religous and political manipulation, collusion and censorship.

The idea that many important political events or economic and social trends are the products of benevolent, altruistic and trustworthy agents of control, governments, politicians, corporate leaders, media moguls, central banks, big banks, religious organisations, education systems, think tanks and philanthropists.

Antonym: Conspiracy Theory

Origin of Complicity Theory: First recorded 2020 (Melbourne, Victoria - Australia)
When Dan and Brett encouraged a dictatorship in their once great democratic city, it was presented deceptively as a form of benevolent undertaking; a complicity theory driven by State-run media was quickly peddled to the masses to gain their collaboration and unquestioning compliance.

The complicity theory was so deeply embedded in the socio-political and economic narrative that the population could not longer discriminate between what was in fact natural reality and what was illusory construct.

Upon learning of the duplicitous complicity theories that had unassumingly seized the power and sovereignty of the masses, the population finally awakened and arose, deposing the corrupt government apparatus and their tools of injustice, control and censorship.
by UtterSpace September 9, 2020
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