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A New Jersey ska band who play many shows in Northern Jersey. The have sweet songs like Funkydance
I went to a show where The Miasmics played first.
by Urg Man July 6, 2004
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The song played by the ska band The Miasmics It is also refered to as the White Man's dance because only white people are kool enough to do it.
The Miasmics played the Funky Dance at the cafe the other night.
by Urg Man June 27, 2004
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urg is an expressional word that expresses, frustration, anger, fright, hate, bitterness, love, kindness, happiness, and sadness. This depends on how you use it.
Urg! My girlfriend gave me a father Nelson the other night.

Urg! Who the hell stole my wallet.

The Urg Man tells all to go out and vote against George W. Bush, Urg!
by Urg Man June 25, 2004
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