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She beyond gorgeous & very sexy ;). A girl who isn't the tallest person, but doesn't care. She doesn't care what people think/say about her, just loves being herself:). Very random & loud & says the weirdest things cx. Shes lazy, funny, & awesome(B. Has an amazing personality. Known to be a flirt, but when someone has her heart shes faithful. When she says she loves you she means it, with everything shes got <3. She's herself & will NEVER change for anyone & doesn't expect anyone to change for her. Doesn't care if shes popular or not. She loves making people smile :D . Sometimes she had dumb moments. Speaks her mind. It’s very hard for her to trust people. She doesn't like liars, cheaters or fake people. She also has a crazy side, shes an amazing friend, & she can be serious or crazy as hell when needed. She BITES!!! So like don’t make her mad. She tends to be very perverted and known to have a nasty/sexy mind xD & she is always HOORRRNYY !!! ;)
Were's kayla at? I cant see her shes to short.
by Unicorn Dick January 21, 2013
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When you have your new Kswiss shoes and people ask what shoes are those or compliment you all you say is Kswisslicious
"Hey Jared nice shoes"
" No man their not nice their Kswisslicious"
by Unicorn DIck March 06, 2009
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