3 definitions by Undina Vaga

hanging out with people without consuming alcohol
You're coming tonight,right?
Yes, but I'm gonna do a dry hang.

How do you mean?
Mean I'm not gonna drink.
by Undina Vaga February 10, 2019
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A person who approaches to politics as a profession. A person who's in politics to make money and/or to have power.
For them, making the world a better place is secondary or immaterial.
Hillary Clinton calling Bernie Sanders a "career politician" is beyond infuriating.
by Undina Vaga April 22, 2020
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Means "yellow vests". It is a protest movement that started in France (and spread to some neighbouring countries), against the fuel price increases on 17th November 2018. As of 5th of December, 4 civilians have died because of it. It is not a simple matter. With disheartening frequency in these kinds of movements, the initial legitimate democratic requests of the real people have been tarnished because of the introduction of violence.
I'm unhappy with the state the world's in at the moment.
I wonder how I'd feel about the gilets jaunes if I were a charming little Frenchman.
by Undina Vaga December 5, 2018
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