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The 59th element on the periodic table. The metal belongs to the lanthanides at the bottom of the table. It is almost as soft as aluminum and will slowly corrode in dry or moist air. A fresh sample will lose it's shine in a week and a small piece will be consumed in a few years if not stored in oil or inert gas. You can wipe off the forming oxide layers to abate spalling and further exend the life of the metal. It reacts very slowly with water. Praseodymium is rapidly consumed by various acids. The compounds of Praseodymium are yellowish green and are non toxic if insoluble. The metal likes to set on fire if heated The name translates from "green twin" in greek.
Praseodymium belongs to the lanthanides, those metals at the bottom of which no one can pronounce the names of.
by Underplaces July 12, 2017

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Something dumbasses do to get high and surefire way to kill all your brain cells. Involves inhaling the fumes of a often neurotoxic or carcinogenic volatile substance and the supposed "high" is literally generated by the solvent dissolving the myelin sheath around your brain cells and killing them or straight out hypoxia. A great way to become dead, a vegetable or too retarded to humanly function.
Bob after wasting his life huffing literally anything he could get his hands on.

"ey huVed gawsOleen ayD HoRZ PuuP AyD Noaw aWl mye Bwane SelLz R DeD aYd mYe DawGgi Iz DeD aYD eym eN dA Jale Sel 4 lyf."
by Underplaces December 17, 2019

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A doctor or shrink that will write up a prescription for pretty much anything over the tiniest "medical problem". Basically a medical professional turned "legal" drug plug.
Tom: I stubbed my little toe, I bet Dr. Plug will write me up a prescription for Xanax.

Dr Plug: Here you go mate.

Juliet: Oh shit its' finals week, better hit up Dr. Plug and feign ADHD to get myself some good old Adderall.

Dr. Plug: Here are 30 30mg Adderall pills, I'll up the dosage when you feel normal again.
by Underplaces December 18, 2019

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