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When you are giving a girl anal then she splatter farts and it goes down your dick and coats your bills brown
When bestie and I were going doggy style she splatter farted and have me brown balls
by Undatedshrimp April 14, 2016

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When you fart so loud your friend thinks they just heard the roar of satan
*fart* oh baby, did you hear that satanic blast John
by Undatedshrimp June 10, 2016

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An intense, powerful, orgasm usually resulting in a cumshot, squirt, and/or creampie
I have a 2:00 session with charline tonight I really hope I throng in her eye.
by Undatedshrimp February 13, 2017

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A muscle that has no real world function besides grtting you all the thick pussy
D'juon: My abs are looking so nice today
Duane: Man thats a pussy muscle work out those damn chicken legs
by Undatedshrimp January 09, 2017

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