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Heroin Dope Dick. When you finally give it to a girl, break her in and get her hooked. That point when no matter the time of the day, no matter the place, she is down to get it. May cause her to show clinger symptoms and eventually lead to psycho behavior. use with caution because once they're on it, its hard to get them off.
Adam: So how was your night with Lisa last night
Sean: you already know, I gave her that HDD and now she won't stop blowing up my phone.
Adam: you know what they say, once you give her the HDD you either get her off or you get her off of it.
by Unclezip November 30, 2012

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The first ever Acid baby was introduced to the world by a man named Michael Matthews. He has presumably been convicted of forcing Acid Baby's Mama to induce a 9-month long acid trip while carrying his seed. Miraculously the baby was not only born with no birth defects, but with the ability to telepathically communicate with other humans as well as beings from the other side.

Michael Matthews has been rumored to be nominated for the 2018 Nobel Piece Prize for donating Acid Baby to foundations interested in ending crime on the planet.
Bro did you hear the truth about 9/11
What? that conspiracy BS you're always trying to convince me of?
Nah bro, it's not BS... Acid Baby proved it!
by Unclezip October 11, 2017

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A want to be yuppie
somebody who is directly out of college with a job and expensive taste, however their job is not nearly as high paying as a yuppies job so they run themselves into debt trying to pay off their expensive and high class clothing, automobiles, cellphones, computes, ect...
student 1: hey did you see the new English teacher's iBook?
student 2: yeah, she must sell crack in order to afford that
student 1: no kidding, shes just another broke wuppie trying to fit in with her ivy league classmates.
by Unclezip July 31, 2008

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