2 definitions by UTFI

1. What you say to someone who hasn't done the reading, doesn't have any idea what she is talking about, and is simply insisting on her opinion; because opinions, and doesn't know what that means either.

2. In social media, how someone who knows the subject dismisses someone who doesn't. (See Bye, Felicia).
Q: What do you mean, the United States isn't the sole reserve currency issuer in the world?
A: UTFI - IMF SDR - and get back to me.
Q: What does UTFI mean?
A: Look It Up
by UTFI April 06, 2019
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Use The F*ck*ng Internet
A corollary to RTFM, UTFI means the same thing as "google it" or "look it up".
Q: "What does RTFM stand for?"
Q: "What does UTFI stand for?"
A: "Look it up"
by UTFI March 30, 2019
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