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Relating and/or comparing a form of media such as a movie or cartoon to its corresponding comic books series.
This method of seeing if a movie is anacomically correct is more than often performed by nerds who have never seen vagina except for their mothers' during the birthing process.

Average movie goer: The Dark Knight was good, but was it anacomically correct??

Comic book nerd: ACTUALLY, the Joker's hair is much shorter in the comics...(Usually, one stops listening to the useless ranting after about the first sentence.)
by UP AND ATOM September 26, 2008
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The constant checking on the refridgerator for food even though you know there is none in there; usually occurs every 2-5 minutes for a person not smoking pot. For pot smokers, it occurs about every minute followed by vacant stares.
Normal person: Bro, I've pulled about 5 fridge scans and still nothing...lets check the pantry!
Pot smoker: Broooo, I've fridge scanned like 5 times in 5 minutes and still nothing. (followed by the vacant stares)
by UP AND ATOM November 12, 2007
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The kind of shit where you sincerely wish you could guess its name in an attempt to make it vanish from your bowels without too much bodily harm.
Ready the clothes pins, because my Dumpelstiltskin is gonna be larger than Rumpelstiltskin!!
by UP AND ATOM November 05, 2010
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An error (or slip) that occurs whilst typing in the URL box and one unconsciously begins typing in the URL of one's favorite porn site that leads one from a simple wikipedia search to a 3 hour jerkoff session. Like the Freudian slip, it is usually caused by an interference of some unconscious wish, conflict, or train of thought.
Damn you pornian slip!! I just wanted to simply check my email and now I have 5 tabs of pornhub.com opened!!

It is studied under the division of psych called pornanalysis and pornian slip is often referred to as parapsexis.
by UP AND ATOM August 31, 2011
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That nasty eruption of toilet water that hits your ass after a shit dives into the toilet.
You may or may not feel shit splash if you just ate at Cici's Pizza (diarreah).

Also, if you piss before shitting, you will get the shit splash and piss combo.
by UP AND ATOM April 10, 2015
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