3 definitions by UN~MUDO~POCO

A word you use when your brain farts, and you can't remember the name of something. (Cell phone, pen, tampon)
Lisa: Hey, can you hand me the doobley?
Susan: The remote?
Lisa: Yeah, the doobley
by UN~MUDO~POCO July 30, 2015
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The richest, fanciest, whitest, clasist, neighbourhood in all of Kansas. Built by republicans for republicans. Full of huge masions that basically resemble versaille. The people who live in them are completely out of touch with the common man, and their cops are total assholes.
Joe: So, what ever happened to the American middle class?
Jenny: Ask the people who live in Mission Hills.
by UN~MUDO~POCO August 28, 2016
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The wide swing of the arm when a douchebag goes in for a handshake. The less secure in their masculinity, the further the arc.
Gregory swung his arm around at a wide angle before grabbing my hand and shaking it roughly. The full "needle-dick's parabola," as Socrates called it.
by UN~MUDO~POCO March 01, 2021
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