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Microsoft's evil twin. They have different mothers but the same father. Bill Gates kicked Microhard out of the house as a young child.
Person 1: I saw Microhard on the street today.
Person 2: Yeah, I heard about him. Was he ugly?
Person 1: Yeah.
by Tyler Drainville April 27, 2007
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Oh my dear sweet god.

Variation of "omg" (oh my god).
Person1: OMDSG! That noob stole my avatar!!!!
Person2: OMFG! KILL HIM!!!!
by Tyler Drainville August 17, 2006
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A common typo of haha. People usually think you're a fucking retard when you say it.
Person1: Lmao, owned.
Person 2: Gaga!
Person 1: wtf?
by Tyler Drainville August 24, 2006
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