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A realizationgasm is when you see an actor or actress in a movie and you know that you have seen them in another movie but you cannot remember what movie or which character they played until finally you hit the point of climax and remember who they played and in what movie! The resulting happiness and the joy you feel for remembering is a realizationgasm.
Tyler: ARGHH who is that girl?

Camille: we saw her in somthing what was it?

Tyler: Ohh Ohh AHH realizationgasm it is Mal from Inception! Ohh yess!
by TyBunk November 02, 2010

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is a root vegetable, usually orange in color, though purple, red, white, and yellow varieties exist. It has a crisp texture when fresh. it would be an perfect vegatable if not for the sorrow that it is as long as it is wide. making it imposible to eat correctly much like a chode.
Camille: you said you made vegtable soup where are the carrots?

Tyler: i was going to buy some but the supermarket only had fat, short, Chode Carrots
by Tybunk October 27, 2010

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When in desperation to hide an erect penis, a person, tucks it up through their pants so that the head is resting on said persons stomach. However the aforementioned person’s shirt does not cover the head. Letting it stick out of the pants like a joey in a mother kangaroos pouch.
Ron: so Harry was trying to hide his wand in class so he tucked it up in his robe but you could totally see the tip.

Hermione: ewe you mean like the Kangaroo Manuver
by TyBunk November 01, 2010

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